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January 1, 2019     Foodie

Moving to Canada, I discovered the most useful and helpful cooking instrument to help make Haleem; the Slow Cooker. This is an electric pot, that comes in different sizes, used to simmer at a lower temperature than boiling. It helps in unattended cooking and makes it much easier to make haleem, a dish that normally requires a lot of extensive working if it’s being made using a traditional recipe.

In order to make haleem, I make sure that all my ingredients are always ready before starting just because there’s so many things are used in making Haleem and it’s better to know if you’re missing anything beforehand. Using the slow cooker (There are many renowned brands in market), I put all my ingredients, such as the lentils, meat, Shan Haleem Mix (most important!!), and spices into it and mix them together until they reach just the right shredded texture, inherent to haleem. Make sure that the meat becomes individual strands so that there aren’t any big chunks of it in the haleem. I usually leave my haleem in the slow cooker for about 6 – 8 hours, but then put it in the cooker again for 2 – 3 hours before serving it. However, many people also leave the haleem in the slow cooker for 10 – 12 hours (overnight) before serving at a get together, which works just as well as putting it in the cooker twice.

Lastly, I make sure to give my haleem a tadka (tempering) of onions before serving it and then garnishing it with fried onions as well to add to the presentation of the haleem.



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