Top 10 Halal Food Restaurants in Mississauga

December 16, 2018     Foodie

Mississauga is the capital of Halal Food eateries in North America. It hands down beats Chicago, New York or Houston, validated by friends and family visiting Mississauga from these cities and applauding the variety/quality of Halal Restaurants in this city.

Choice of Ethnicity:
There is a large variety of ethnic food choices in the city. The Halal food ranges from Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Lebanese, Afghan, Turkish, Persian, Japanese, Hakka Chinese and American. With such a diverse mix, it has become very hard to choose a restaurant for your weekly outings. Luckily, we have curated a top 10 list of must try Halal joints in Mississauga!

10. Aunty’s Kitchen:
A relatively new restaurant, has picked up really well. Tasty Pakistani dishes, great pricing and serving. If you are looking to stay home and eat some great tasting halal food, Aunty’s Kitchen is the place to order.

9. Zaffran Kitchen:
Best family breakfast place. They specialize in an all you can eat breakfast menu consisting of Nihari, Paya, Halwa Puri, Achar and Doodh Patti Chai. Great place to invite friends, guests, and host get togethers.

8. Gladiator Burgers:
A new Halal burger joint offering a good variety of burger options and sandwiches. Very popular amongst millennials and the younger crowd however, there are not many options available for halal burgers.

7. Popeyes:
Basic Halal fried chicken and sandwiches. The chicken is juicy and pieces come in decent portions. Perfect for a quick delivery or sit in at their several restaurants.

6. Bamiyan Kabob:
Vintage Afghani restaurant, extremely popular and a rich menu to choose from. There is often a long line up during rush hours and weekends, but that only speaks to how good the food is.

5. Paramount Foods:
Classy Middle Eastern cuisine, ample seating arrangements and multiple locations around Mississauga. Their BBQ Platter is amazing and good for 4-6 guests, service is good and staff is very friendly.

4. Watan Kabab:
Afghani food at its best. Fresh, tasty and a great variety to choose from. Their Halal menu is perfectly complemented with fresh drinks and desserts. My personal favorite is the Mutton Shank. Great place to celebrate, casual setting and good food.

3. Students Biryani:
Best biryani in Mississauga. Their spicy and authentic biryani originates from Karachi and comes in both chicken and beef options. They serve family packs, ideal for parties so they fit every occasion. A must try when you are in the city.

2. Adonis:
This hidden gem in Mississauga is a restaurant and a supermarket. Their items come fresh and to-go and include reasonably priced grilled chicken, fish, middle eastern rice, baba Ganoush dip, fresh lobster and shawarma. Amazing tasting food.

1. Chilli Chicken House:
The best Halal Chinese in entire Greater Toronto Area. The owners have mixed South Indian spices with Chinese food to present ‘Hakka’ Chinese. The owners speak Urdu and Hindi. The chilli chicken, beef chilli, manchurian shrimp, house special soup are some of my favourite dishes. Freshly made food.

I also believe you can make restaurant quality food by simply cooking at home using Shan Masalas. I had never cooked before I came to Canada, and soon started to cook dishes like butter chicken, karahi gosht, keema and best of all bihari kabab. With the help of Shan mixes, I was able to wow my friends and family immediately! The reasonably priced masalas add all the flavour and spice you need.
A lot of restaurants use Shan recipes to get the right quality for the food for their customers, it is their ‘secret recipe’. We can customize and take advantage of this by adopting the recipes from Shan and have restaurant tasting food at home. It will be cost effective and easier to serve, specially if you have infants or toddlers who just cannot sit still when eating out.

They have a range of recipes available, categorized through:
BBQ: Looking for BBQ, need to look professional and want to grill the Canadian way? Get a good charcoal BBQ grill to start with. Charcoal has a distinct taste and the key is correctly marinating the meat you will use. There are plenty of options, ranging from chicken which is relatively easier to beef which can be more complex.

After getting leg and thighs for BBQ, you have the option of Shan chicken tikka and Shan tandoori chicken masalas to season with. Use these great recipe mixes and marinate the meat for about an hour. Do NOT put the chicken on the grill immediately, let the charcoal glow and the grill should be very warm before putting the meat on. It is also recommended to use aluminium foil on the grill to really give it the “barbequed effect.” Let the chicken grill for 30 minutes and soon, your tandoori chicken is ready. Serve it restaurant style with excessive garnishing.
Other options are Shan seekh kabab masala, but ensure the kebabs are firm and stick to the ‘seekh’ type and resemble the thickness.

BBQ fish is also a great option, the fish cooks in around 10 minutes or so and remember to flip it every 5 minutes so both sides are equally done.

The other option is to explore the Biryani range and cook biryani restaurant style. There are several options here, you can go for a simpler version of a pulao or go all out for biryani.
If you are looking for a quicker and easier option, you always have yakhni pulao with Shan’s yakhni pulao masala. It pretty much takes care of all the recipe and instructions required for you to cook this dish. Serve it with raita and minced salad.

The other option is to make biryani. It depends on what you or your guests are looking forward to. Shan’s Sindhi/Bombay biryani are the best choices. Read the ingredients carefully and make sure you have all the tools at your disposal. I suggest you practice this a couple of times before serving for dinner.

Last but not least, Chinese food is always a major hit. Your best bet is egg fried rice or chicken chow mein. If you are making the rice then partner it with sweet and sour or chicken manchurian. Shan’s sweet & sour chicken has the recipe just right to give the ‘hakka’ Chinese taste. Check out Shan’s oriental range and choose what you want to cook. Options are there and you can serve restaurant quality food at home.



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