The Flavors of Pakistan

December 20, 2018     Foodie

I am not the girl who wakes up on a random day and puts on a shalwar qameez for fun. I am not the girl whose house is decorated with traditional carved furniture. I am the girl though who so loves her Pakistani culture and for me food is the easiest (and best way) to keep that alive. The flavours of Pakistan have gone with me everywhere I have lived and even now when I miss home it’s that food that comforts my soul. These simple kababs made with @shanfoodsglobal @shanfoods Seekh Kabab Masala accompanied by Shan brand Green Chutney bring back the taste and vibrancy of Pakistan even on dreary winter afternoons.

How many of you have a masala box or a chutney tucked away in your kitchen cabinets? ✋🏼 if you do!

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