How to Get Your Family to Eat Vegetarian Dishes

December 15, 2018     Foodie

Let’s face it, it is impossible to incorporate vegetarian food into our children’s diets nowadays. Everyone knows that eating meat multiple times a week can be detrimental to our health in the long run, but how is it possible to change our diets so late in the game without having to listen to our families complaining that it’s too bland or doesn’t satisfy their hunger? Luckily, I have prepared some tips that have been tried and tested and prove to work!

1) Blend in a variety of spices into your vegetarian dishes to dismiss the bland flavour.

The term “vegetarian” is often associated with bland food, but who said this has to be the case? Spice up your dishes with some masala mixes and flavours to make your daal or channa dish a weekly treat! Shan’s daal masala seasoning mix comes with just the right combination of flavours to meet both your flavour and your health needs. The recipe requires minimal ingredients and effort to prepare and leaves you with a dish your children will be begging you to make!

2) Slowly transition vegetarian dishes into your diet.

The most effective way to get your family to eat vegetarian food is to slowly transition it into their diet. Try making vegetarian snacks and small sides. This way, your children will get accustomed to the idea of vegetarian food and you can begin serving it as a main dish as well! Shan has some easy-to-make recipes that can serve as ideal snacks or sides, including Shan Pav bhaji and Shan Aloo bhujia.

Enjoy the recipes!



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